I am adding new photos, and beginning to offer senior pictures. I have added a few samples and would love your input. Thanks for viewing this site, looking forward to hearing from you.
  2017 May Contest Entries        slide show (0)
Coming Soon!

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15353318: Easter Bonnet in the Garden 2017 April Contest Entries        slide show (16)
Better Photo Contest Entries

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15338422: Succor Creek Road-4.JPG 2017 March Contest Entries        slide show (4)
BetterPhoto March 2017 Contest Entries

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15310121: Puddles 2017 - February Contest Entries        slide show (2)
February 2017 Contest Enriews

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15257668: Fall Baby 3 2016 - October        slide show (8)
October 2016 Contest Entries -- I seem to have a single theme here.

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15198137: Malad Canyon, ID 2016 - July        slide show (4)
Contest Entries for July 2016

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15152579: Peace Lily 2016 - May        slide show (3)
Contest Entries for May 2016

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15051729: Under the Bridge 2015 - December        slide show (3)
Contest Entries for December 2015

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15044409: Celebration Park Bridge 03 Vignette 2015 - November        slide show (6)
Contest Entries for the Month of November 2015

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14538079: A Rose is a Rose Original Editors Picks        slide show (50)
Some of the Best

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15353318: Easter Bonnet in the Garden Exploration of Effects        slide show (7)
Using the same image several times to explore different effects I hope you enjoy, this one has been fun.

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15356483: Blowing Off Steam - BW Trains        slide show (4)

Lucky Peak        slide show (5)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 12816185: The Bees have been here Splash Down!        slide show (0)
Summer Series.

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 13655879: Ice Castle Winter        slide show (12)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15251642: Wonders Baby Love        slide show (23)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14831602: Experiment Original Idaho Scenery        slide show (42)
And Here we have Idaho ...

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 12843649: Owyhees - Dry creek bed Oregon Scenery        slide show (20)
Exploring the Owyhees
Succor Creek and Leslie Gulch ... and all the other little gulches whose names usually fall under Leslie Gulch ...

Night Photography        slide show (9)
From Twilight to Sunrise

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15195235: Waterfalls and Sunshine MK Nature Center        slide show (7)
Located in the heart of Boise, this lovely little hideaway gives it visitors a respite from a busy day.

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 15041523: Celebration Park Bridge Black and White Bridges        slide show (13)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14003894: White Duck The Wild Things        slide show (3)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14811856: Blue Eyes The .. not so .. Wild things        slide show (5)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14831597: Experiment 4 Play Time        slide show (10)
The Photos in the Gallery have been Enhanced, Filtered, Sharpened, Brightened, Darkened Blurred or other such fun stuff. Please enjoy.

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14586975: The Depot - Near and Far The Good, the Bad and the Ugly        slide show (17)
Before and After photos, photos edited or adjusted.

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14829106: Umbrella #3k A Small Umbrella        slide show (25)
Enjoying Experimenting with photo enhancemnts

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 13665657: Sparrow Old Birds and Bees and Butterflies        slide show (20)
And other buzzy things

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 12975397: Boise #1 Cities and Towns        slide show (20)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 13822856: Buzzin' Flowers and Plants        slide show (38)

© Beth  OMeara PhotoID# 14830576: Soon to be his My Girls        slide show (22)

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